Rise and Shine!

It’s Monday and like any other “beginning” it pushes to think about how I live my life. Every Monday I think that this week I will try to be better than the previous one. I will do more sports, or more nights out with friends, or eating more healthy, whatever I decide I was missing out before. But, what I realized, that the most important part in working towards having a great week, is starting every day right. I know for myself, all my day turns out to be a huge mess if I wake up late and run around the apartment trying to get ready and find the things I need for the day.

My key to being in a good mood every day is to have a good breakfast. As simple as it sounds, it’s really important to take my time, have my favorite tea, and watch some news, read some blogs I follow or even enjoy some cartoons 🙂 I am totally not a morning person, so these 20 minutes really help me to get my body & mind started.

And here are some of my go to breakfast options:

Banana+peanut butter+stuff on top
Oatmeal with milk and butter= love forever
Weekend option: small fried pancakes (for healthy option use oatmeal and banana as a base)

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