It’s all about the balance

Today was second time I tried a group class at my gym- I’m delighted! For those of you who are “office veggies” just like me- Body Balance class will solve all the troubles!

First, the music is super relaxing. Then there is no one screaming in your ears to do the ‘harder stronger better’, no one jumps around like crazy- that’s too much stress after a full time working day.

All the exercises are slow but still making your muscles work. Lots and lots of stretching (you can be as gentle to yourself as you like). So for three days already no back panes, even thought I spend on my chair biggest part of the day. Even my shoulder blade that felt stuck for the last 3 weeks magically stopped bothering me. The class finishes in 10min meditation, official time for day dreaming or just a little nap 🙂

So that can be a great option for those who need their body as a friend, not an enemy. Mind gets in order as a bonus!


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