Work work work

Tough day at work is when in the end of an 8-hour meeting you suddenly notice a tiny Twix candy under the table. It’s obvious someone stepped on it and probably it was there for weeks, but it’s still wrapped so you start discussing with your colleagues if you should actually eat it.

But really, office is just killing me sometimes. The air that goes out of the ventilation systems here is meant to fight every living creature. Hand, face, eyes (brain?) get as dry as the Sahara desert. Having a hand cream in the bag helps, but even better is to open the windows once in a while during the day. Outside air (at least in my country of fields and cows) is much richer with oxygen, this  also helps a lot with headaches and yawning all the time.

And cut off some caffeine! Probably if say no to coffee completely, you might seem a bit grumpy to colleagues J but try taking max 3-4 coffees a day, and a glass of water for each cup.  Still might seem like a lot, but not for local standards! A lot of Dutch drink like 10 cups a day, probably trying to replace sun energy with caffeine (you can recognize those by slightly grayish skin color).
drink-coffee-do-stupid-things-faster-and-with-more-energy-quote-1Also make your step counter happy – walk around the building during the lunch break, 10 min invested will make you feel so much better.

And remember: working hard is not the same as working smart 😉


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