Sweet november

-doctor, I want to stay under the blanket with a cup of tea all the time, what’s wrong with me??

– it’s normal, you have November

So this season started: still too far from holidays, but already cold like in Siberia! OK,  never been to Siberia, but i assume, the weather is no better than here 🙂

What annoys me most is that it’s dark all the time- going to work is still night, coming back home already night. Well, the good part is that is the perfect season for red wine! doesn’t seem as heavy anymore 🙂

Also I feel like staying home more, tea and movies are so much more attractive than dressing up and (oh gosh!) leaving the house! not to turn into a complete sociopath Dutch way of keeping agenda helps a lot! when you made plans, bought tickets when it was still warm, the thought of having your money wasted pushes in the direction of the door no matter the weather )))

But so far sharing my autumn favourite,the best tea I tried in a long time! If you live in the Netherlands check out this Simon Levelt shop, the tea selection is great.20161109_213144

And then the perfect evening at home, blanket, movie, tea and rituals candle


So guys, no matter how bad is the weather, make the most out of it, use the time to enjoy yourself !


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