My favourite band in the world is coming to Amsterdam! Saw it on Facebook today, immediately checked tickets to see if they are not sold out already (concert is in February btw:) ) Lucky me, the sales only start next week and as a true dutch I put it in my agenda to buy them right in time.

The band is the XX – and why it’s favourite: first time I heard their song Heart Skipped a Beat like 6-7 years ago. For several years I had it as my alarm clock. And I still like the song!

When people ask me what music I like I always get lost- don’t think there is some particalar style I like and my favourite songs come from all sorts of bands and singers, but I am totally sure there is something in common between all of them. I call it sort of the “perfect background” music, nice melody and no matter how loud you put it the never feels like something is screaming in your ear. And it also doesn’t disturb my own (very messy) flow of thoughts.

And might be, for the first time in my life, I am ready to go to a concert by myself (the first moments of Bridget Jones come up in my mind).

  • looking through this post I realised I have no clue about the proper punctuation in English

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