Just face it

Monday morning not the best time of the week by default, the gloomy Dutch weather makes it even more weird. The fog around sort of says “Get some red wine and start talking philosophical bullshit”.

No red wine for me, but got some thoughts to share. Have you meet those people, hm.. in Russia we say “with a needle in their arse”, meaning they just can’t sit still- always running around and doing things. Suddenly it crossed my mind that there are two sides to this behavior. One- is that you truly love discovering new places, trying out new things, really enjoy being around people.

The other- not so cheerful- you are so badly trying to avoid reality. Enjoying the company is not the same as running away from loneliness. ¬†Discovering new places is not the same as feeling sick when you are at home. Just face it, if life sucks there is no way you can ran away from it forever. At some point you will stop and realize that you don’t have truly dear people to you, that there is no place you can call “Home”, or that you can’t stand spending time alone because you are so bored with yourself.

Stop for a moment and face it. As we all know acknowledging the problem is the first step to solving it.


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