The clock is ticking!

…Surprisingly so, the clock that starts ticking for Russian women after 20y.o is not what’s bothering me today 🙂

I was thinking about something else: couple days ago I discovered that in your phone battery setting you can see how much time you spend in different apps. That’s sort of shameful and embarrassing to admit but in the last 24 hours I spent 3h on Fb& Instagram together. In the last 7 days it’s an even higher % of my time. How comes I have all this time??  Or, even worse, what is that thing I could have been doing instead?

Well, some of this time is the time I spend commuting. Sometimes I find something kinda useful, like articles or news or useful tips.

But I keep wondering that if I spend this time learning a language, doing the exercise(although I still do workout couple times a week); or doing a course, or reading a book? I am sure in the long term the gains would be incredible.

On the other hand, I still consider my lifestyle quite active. I work full-time, do salsa once a week, gym 2-3 times, and my social calendar is quite full. Plus  in house activities like talking to family in Skype, cooking, cleaning up, body and facial care.

Won’t adding a couple hours of some activity on top of all of these lead to a some kind of burnout? Especially in the winter months when many people including myself are noticing lower energy levels.

So my idea for now: get something that might help with energy (my mum recommends ginseng ) and see if I can add something more meaningful than scrolling through Instagram to my day. And let’s see if this works!

not sure if tea works as well as pills. Pics are from Holland&Barrett



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