I don’t care!

This morning I had a couple spare minutes at the station, and instead of going for pastry, I went to the book shop (food for the brain!). This made my day: 


Haven’t read the book, but looks like I’m excelling  at this skill! You know that Asian wisdom “be smart enough to change what you can change, to accept what you cannot change, and to distinguish one from the other”. That’s the whole point. A lot of worries we have are over things we cannot control or change. Look at all the Facebook freaking out about the trump election(most even not living in the US). Unless you get your b*tt of the couch and go on the street to protest, all your jokes and comments and complains are just a waist of energy. The election has happened, deal with it already!
The same about a ton of other things. “Oh dear, seems like my colleagues don’t like me”. “The global warming is coming”. “The weather is terrible during the weekend”. “What else is your head occupied with”
If you stop worrying you will have so much more energy to spend on something more meaningful. To help with that, you need to know what to do in case “it” happens. Imagine the worst situation and think your steps through. Most of the times it’s not as bad as it seems when you just worry;)

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