Saturday night

In so many places all the parties are happening on Fridays, which for me is really challenging-tired after a working week, getting home from the office and doing hair and make up..not working that well for me. That’s why every time  I see a Saturday event I feel the urge to go!

Yesterday there was an Internations party in Amsterdam.I can never miss an opportunity to dress up in the country of dirty sneakers! 20s dress code- what not to love about this 😍

For the occasion  I bought a wonder dress (zara, price less than a dinner out, I consider it the deal of the month 🙂 ))

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
With my friend Maike; prosecco makes everythino a  Wonderland!

We have this little joke: last drink is always excessive, but how do you know which one is the last one😅 but no headache today, so I was a good girl!

How was your Saturday guys?? Many cocktails consumed?


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