Tell me why

Why?why? Why? Everybody wants to know. I used to know someone who really liked asking “why” questions, feelikng like it brings the conversation to a new level of depth. And the one who asks the questions to a new level of wisdom.

This question is perfectly fine in business environmnet.”why this supplier? Candidate? Solution?” That’s when ì can say about the cost or skills or money. In this case there is an answer.

But somehow outside the office walls those questions feel overwhelming. It sounds like the person asking is disapproving of my preference. Or i need a logical reason behind my choices and likes.

At the time i wasnt sure if it’s just me so sensitive or those questions are really a  form of attack. And couple days ago i found an article saying exactly that- why is not the best way to have a conversation. Try to replace those with what and how questions. You will notice your companion becoming more relaxed and friendly.

P.s. now i feel so not guilty for giving a mean look to those who can’t help but ask me why not cycling? Why so much make up? Why red and not white?



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