The power of now

Don’t  postpone life till when you have more free time, or till  you have more money. Or till the weather is nicer. Or till you wear jeans one size smaller. There is only here and now. You will never be younger than now, enjoy every moment of it.

P.S. What happend today in Saint Petersburg is horrific. Stay strong and fearlsess. And safe.



What do you wish for?

I couldn’t wait for this holiday- not having any day off since october I was tired enough 🙂

I want just to lie down and do nothing, I thought.

Oh why it’s so easy to gain weight and takes so much effort to lose it. It’s so unfair, I thought.

And here I am, enjoying second week of my holiday. Having fever for a couple days- lie down and do nothing is the only thing I  can do. Lack of appetite helps with the kilos 🙂

The Universe hears me apparently. Next time I will think about how to spend a ton of money.

Tell me why

Why?why? Why? Everybody wants to know. I used to know someone who really liked asking “why” questions, feelikng like it brings the conversation to a new level of depth. And the one who asks the questions to a new level of wisdom.

This question is perfectly fine in business environmnet.”why this supplier? Candidate? Solution?” That’s when ì can say about the cost or skills or money. In this case there is an answer.

But somehow outside the office walls those questions feel overwhelming. It sounds like the person asking is disapproving of my preference. Or i need a logical reason behind my choices and likes.

At the time i wasnt sure if it’s just me so sensitive or those questions are really a  form of attack. And couple days ago i found an article saying exactly that- why is not the best way to have a conversation. Try to replace those with what and how questions. You will notice your companion becoming more relaxed and friendly.

P.s. now i feel so not guilty for giving a mean look to those who can’t help but ask me why not cycling? Why so much make up? Why red and not white?


Chapter 2: No music to my ears

Is it only me having ears this sensitive or are the Dutch really way louder than the rest of the world?

Being so private-space concerned with putting the bag at the seat next to them in public transport, how about the noise interfering your space? It’s definitely more difficult to define the norm , but not less disturbing when it’s off the limits.

You read a book, or listen to the music, do your work, or just think about something and that’s when a horrible sound reaches you.. first you think it might be a scream of a wounded animal… look around- ah no, just someone laughing at a joke..  what did I think about/work on/read again?  The iPhone headphones are no help- unless you make it so loud that it hurts.

Restaurants are another “weak” spot. Forget about having the conversation while having a diner- you will be hardly able to over scream the background noise. That’s why I prefer more expensive places- maybe the public there is older but at least I can enjoy the dinner! 🙂

P.S. nothing personal, but being an expat and observing a different  culture I have to make some generalizations (aka “why aren’t  you drinking vodka?!” )

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Vivaldi concert in a beautiful church in Venice

Monday challenges

Oh my morning started with the alarm ringing in the dark and sounds of rain in the background..apparently my dinner the night before was too salty so I was so so happy I had the patches!

I went for the cheapest option, but still feel like they work!  I like to keep them in the fridge for extra refreshing effect

My initial plan for the night was to go to the gym, but now only thinking of getting out to the cold, dark and wet street makes me shiver!

I guess tea and Internet it is. Unless there is so  magic trick of getting outside without suffering🤔

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I know something about sexy homewear

Saturday night

In so many places all the parties are happening on Fridays, which for me is really challenging-tired after a working week, getting home from the office and doing hair and make up..not working that well for me. That’s why every time  I see a Saturday event I feel the urge to go!

Yesterday there was an Internations party in Amsterdam.I can never miss an opportunity to dress up in the country of dirty sneakers! 20s dress code- what not to love about this 😍

For the occasion  I bought a wonder dress (zara, price less than a dinner out, I consider it the deal of the month 🙂 ))

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With my friend Maike; prosecco makes everythino a  Wonderland!

We have this little joke: last drink is always excessive, but how do you know which one is the last one😅 but no headache today, so I was a good girl!

How was your Saturday guys?? Many cocktails consumed?

I don’t care!

This morning I had a couple spare minutes at the station, and instead of going for pastry, I went to the book shop (food for the brain!). This made my day: 


Haven’t read the book, but looks like I’m excelling  at this skill! You know that Asian wisdom “be smart enough to change what you can change, to accept what you cannot change, and to distinguish one from the other”. That’s the whole point. A lot of worries we have are over things we cannot control or change. Look at all the Facebook freaking out about the trump election(most even not living in the US). Unless you get your b*tt of the couch and go on the street to protest, all your jokes and comments and complains are just a waist of energy. The election has happened, deal with it already!
The same about a ton of other things. “Oh dear, seems like my colleagues don’t like me”. “The global warming is coming”. “The weather is terrible during the weekend”. “What else is your head occupied with”
If you stop worrying you will have so much more energy to spend on something more meaningful. To help with that, you need to know what to do in case “it” happens. Imagine the worst situation and think your steps through. Most of the times it’s not as bad as it seems when you just worry;)


Couldn’t come up  with a better title :))

Yesterday I made 15000 by only walking  around Utrecht! And people keep asking me why I don’t cycle;)

Yesterday was super sunny day and I was out quite early, busy treasure hunting (you know those days right after pay day)).

Utrecht is full of nice little shops(I don’t mean clothes). So I spent quite some euros in cheese shop, tea shop, my favourite Dille&Camille for dark chocolate with orange, the Body shop for best ever butters, and Stach for guilty pleasures to go with planned later movie afternoon.

Movie afternoon was at my friend’s place who lives in such a wonderful area! Do you believe that every place has  certain energy? (Btw my previous apartment was near the cemetery:) )

Next one, I will do my best to have close to Niewegracht! It feels so calm and solid there.oh why it’s so expensive to rent here


The movie we watched was miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children..


what to say, it’s definitely one of the weirdest movies I’ve ever seen. Thanks God they added some modern music in the end, otherwise I would become totally moody! But it was really very good, and it’s not only my love for fairy tales talking, might be my admiration of Eva Green though.

And the snacks for the movie, really Stach is just a Wonderland for these things
And the new canal by night on the way back home


Chapter 1. The bag.

The clock is ticking!

…Surprisingly so, the clock that starts ticking for Russian women after 20y.o is not what’s bothering me today 🙂

I was thinking about something else: couple days ago I discovered that in your phone battery setting you can see how much time you spend in different apps. That’s sort of shameful and embarrassing to admit but in the last 24 hours I spent 3h on Fb& Instagram together. In the last 7 days it’s an even higher % of my time. How comes I have all this time??  Or, even worse, what is that thing I could have been doing instead?

Well, some of this time is the time I spend commuting. Sometimes I find something kinda useful, like articles or news or useful tips.

But I keep wondering that if I spend this time learning a language, doing the exercise(although I still do workout couple times a week); or doing a course, or reading a book? I am sure in the long term the gains would be incredible.

On the other hand, I still consider my lifestyle quite active. I work full-time, do salsa once a week, gym 2-3 times, and my social calendar is quite full. Plus  in house activities like talking to family in Skype, cooking, cleaning up, body and facial care.

Won’t adding a couple hours of some activity on top of all of these lead to a some kind of burnout? Especially in the winter months when many people including myself are noticing lower energy levels.

So my idea for now: get something that might help with energy (my mum recommends ginseng ) and see if I can add something more meaningful than scrolling through Instagram to my day. And let’s see if this works!

not sure if tea works as well as pills. Pics are from Holland&Barrett