Couldn’t come up  with a better title :))

Yesterday I made 15000 by only walking  around Utrecht! And people keep asking me why I don’t cycle;)

Yesterday was super sunny day and I was out quite early, busy treasure hunting (you know those days right after pay day)).

Utrecht is full of nice little shops(I don’t mean clothes). So I spent quite some euros in cheese shop, tea shop, my favourite Dille&Camille for dark chocolate with orange, the Body shop for best ever butters, and Stach for guilty pleasures to go with planned later movie afternoon.

Movie afternoon was at my friend’s place who lives in such a wonderful area! Do you believe that every place has  certain energy? (Btw my previous apartment was near the cemetery:) )

Next one, I will do my best to have close to Niewegracht! It feels so calm and solid there.oh why it’s so expensive to rent here


The movie we watched was miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children..


what to say, it’s definitely one of the weirdest movies I’ve ever seen. Thanks God they added some modern music in the end, otherwise I would become totally moody! But it was really very good, and it’s not only my love for fairy tales talking, might be my admiration of Eva Green though.

And the snacks for the movie, really Stach is just a Wonderland for these things
And the new canal by night on the way back home



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